DOK2The Order of the Daughters of the King is a group of Christian women committed to a journey through life with Jesus Christ. They believe that this journey begins with the gift of eternal life received at Baptism and lived out in a relationship of love and trust with Jesus, the Christ, who is acknowledged as one’s personal Lord and Savior.

The women of the St. Elizabeth chapter of the DOK at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Episcopal Church in Dahlonega commit to a prayerful life, quietly providing a prayer ministry to their church home, its members and others in need. All women of the Episcopal Church are welcome to become a Daughter through the process of discernment and join us in a life of intentional prayer for those in need. To learn more, contact Jill Hayes, St. Elizabeth’s DOK President.

DOKlogoDOK & the Episcopal Church: The organization of the Order of the Daughters of the King parallels that of the Episcopal Church. Three or more interested women, with the approval of their clergy, form chapters in parishes, missions and other appropriate institutions (See NH, Bylaws Article IV). When three or more chapters are chartered in a Diocese they can form a diocesan assembly. And where there are chapters in three or more diocesan assemblies within a province, a provincial assembly is formed (See NH, Bylaws Article IV). A representative from each province, along with 15 members elected by ballot, form the National Council of The Order. Elections ae held at the National Triennial Convention, which meets every three years in the year of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. The Order cooperates with many other church-related agencies, such as the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer, the Bible Reading Fellowship, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew and other groups as determined by action of the National Council.

It is not necessary for a woman to be a member of The Order to pray and serve in the church. The Order is a spiritual community in a busy world where women with similar interests can pray, study, share together, affirm ministries and support each other. Members are present to each other in Christ’s love.