Mountain Meditation & Mindfulness gathers on Thursday Evenings at 5:45 P.M. for an hour meeting. We begin by exploring together different forms of meditation or mindfulness from any faith tradition or none, one form each week. We then share together a silent sit together for about 20 to 25 minutes during which time a person may practice the form of meditation they prefer using the support of the group and the silence.

All people who desire a supportive group of people for meditation are welcome, valued and respected. The group includes a wide spectrum of people from our community, not just church members.

For more information you may call and leave a message at the church office. Be sure to say your message is for Mountain Meditation & Mindfulness. That number is (706) 864-5423. You may also write using the church e-mail: We will soon include the link to a Blog and FaceBook Page where more information about the group and programs will be kept current.